Frugal Two-factor Authentication System

What is Taferno?

Taferno is a frugal Two-factor Authentication system for network operations like VPN, SSH, Web Single Sign-On, etc. The system uses standard USB flash drives, a suite of web and backend programs that work in conjunction with a stateful firewall, dynamically modifying the firewall rules, setting required secure cookies, generation of the OTP (One Time Password), etc. to allow the requested access for each successfully authenticated user.

Users perform the Two-factor authentication on a web site on the Taferno System. The authentication process is initiated by invoking one of the HTML files on the USB flash drive which contain an embedded Cryptographic Message, unique to the user.

The system comes with built-in support for OpenVPN and OpenSSH. Web applications can use the secure cookie created by the Taferno System and a web service to achieve Web SSO.

See the Documentation for more information.

To see some screenshots, click here.

How can I get the Taferno System for my company/organization?

You can use any one of the following methods to get the Taferno System: